Noise Pollution: Is it Alarming?

Noise is a physical form of pollution, and affect the Living life system directly and/or indirectly. Even though noise pollution is not fatal to human life, yet it cannot be ignored. The source of noise is vast and need to be controlled.

Prevention and Protection from Noise Pollution

Sound proofing the space- space-You can make your home and work place sound proofing by providing various kind of insulation at wall, sealing, floor along with door and windows, to make a noise free environment.

Use of Ear plugs and Ear Muff- Using ear plugs during night can make you a noise and disturbance free sleep. Even people working at loud and noisy places, like industries can use ear plugs and ear muffs to attenuate the noise sounds.

Regular Hearing Check up- It is necessary to consult an Audiologist and get a hearing check up done in a regular basis to have an eye on your hearing ability.

Less use of noisy machine- Using less noisy equipments can really reduce down the noise pollution. Even we can slow down the music while using headphone, can really take good maintenance of our equipments, so that we can contribute our part in reducing noise pollution..